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The study of how living things interact?
a) Ecosystem
b) abiotic factor
c) Ecology
d) None of the Above

The source of energy for all life on earth?
a) animals
b) water
c) sunlight
d) None of the Above

An example of a biotic factor in a forest ecosystem is?
a) waterfall
b) tree
c) rock
d) All of the above

In an energy pyramid the bottom represents?
a) Consumers
b) Producers
c) Decomposers
d) None of the Above

An ecosystem is made up of?
a) physical enviornment only
b) Living things only
c) Living things and the physical enviornment
d) All of the Above

Both consumers and producers are a source of food for?
a) scavengers
b) decomposers
c) carnivores
d) herbivores

An example of a biotic factor in a pond ecosystem is?
a) Temperature
b) water
c) fish
d) sunlight

An example of a producer is?
a) fungus
b) caterpillar
c) bird
d) moss

A scientist who studies the interactions of plants and animals is called?
a) Physicist
b) botanist
c) geologist
d) ecologist

Two examples of decomposers are?
a) fungi and bacteria
b) algae and marine mammals
c) carnivores and herbivores
d) None of the ABOVE

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