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What was the capital of the Eastern Empire of Rome in 395 AD
a) Constantinope
b) Athens
c) Sparta
d) Judaea

First great leader of the Byzantine Empire
a) Basil I
b) Basil II
c) Leo III
d) Justinian I

Under whose rule did the great Iconoclastic Controversy began
a) Justinian I
b) Leo III
c) Basil I
d) Basil II

Invaded Byzantine Empire from the North
a) Lombards and Normans
b) Avars, Bulgars, and the Slavs
c) Persians
d) The Arabs

What was the Byzantine church's greatest contribution to civilization
a) law
b) government
c) math
d) preservation of the Greek New Testament

Why did the Eastern and Western Churches
a) bitterness and conflict over church authority
b) over church procedures and dogma
c) wanted to control the Empire
d) wanted to control the Empire, over church procedures and dogma, and bitterness and conflict over church authority

What emperor attempted to save the empire from the Turkish invasions by appealing to the West for help
a) Leo III
b) Constantine XI
c) Basil I
d) Justinian I

Known as the Apostle to the Slavs
a) Cyril
b) Methodius
c) Mohammed II
d) Empress Theodora

Which crusade sacked Constantinople
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd
d) 4th

Greatest achievement of Byzantine architecture
a) Taj Mahal
b) Pantheon
c) Hagia Sophia
d) Parthenon

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