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Which one of these is not biotic?
a) Dirt
b) Squirrel
c) Gold
d) A Daisy

What are three ways consumers get their energy?
a) Herbivores, Omnivores, and Carnivores
b) Commensalism, Mutualism, and Parasitism
c) Omnivores, Carnivores, Symbiosis
d) Herbivores, Abiotic, and Biotic

When organisms interact, competition is when...
a) Both organisms benefit
b) Both organisms live together in a close relationship
c) One organism hunts and kills another
d) Both organisms struggle against each other to survive

Which organisms have a parasitical relationship?
a) Hermit Crab and Sea Anemone
b) Remora and Shark
c) Ant and Acacia Tree
d) Dog and Tapeworm

Which one is not a limiting factor?
a) Food
b) Color
c) Predators
d) Space

Which of these statements is true?
a) Predators and prey exist in a balance.
b) If you released a large number of prey into an area, the number of predators would not change.
c) If you increase the food supply of the prey, the predator number will decrease.
d) Usually there are many more predators in an ecosystem than prey.

Succession is...
a) the list of animals and plants in an ecosystem
b) when all of the animals in an ecosystem move without an apparent reason
c) a gradual change in an ecosystem where one community is replaced by another
d) the plants that grow after a disaster to an ecosystem

What is Integrated Pest Management?
a) a type of bug spray
b) it is when you integrate pests into your natural life so they don't bug you that much
c) a modern approach to managing pests
d) it is where you buy a certain animal that will eat your pests

Which isn't a method to get rid of pests?
a) Bacterial
b) Genetic
c) Physical
d) Cultural

What is a watershed?
a) a shed filled with water
b) a drainage basin
c) a bay
d) land surrounded by water

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