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Review Of Ecology Unit.[print questions]

The flow of energy is about...
a) ...where telephone poles are placed.
b) the sun gets it energy from living things.
c) enrgy is transferred from the sun to all other living things.
d) ...the amount of energy that an animal can send into space towards the sun.

What is the relationship between a cleaner fish and a shark?
a) Commensalism
b) Mutualism
c) Predator/Prey
d) Parasitism

If you drew a graph that showed biotic potential in a population, how would the graph look?
a) Beginning to go up, then staying the same for a while
b) Going up and down all the time
c) Decreasing steadily
d) Steadily moving up (growing out of control)

What are the species of plants that are best suited for a given area?
a) Climax Community
b) Cooperation
c) Producers
d) Consumers

What takes place after a major disturbance to the biological community in a stable ecosystem?
a) Succession
b) Secondary Succession
c) First Succession
d) Primary Succession

What is an organism the is introduced to an area that is not native?
a) Pioneer Species
b) European Animal
c) Immigrant Plant
d) Exotic Pests

What does
a) Chesnut colored animals
b) Peak of the great mountain
c) Great Shellfish Bay
d) Land of the Chesnut Trees

What is the niche of an organism?
a) Where an organism lives
b) The size of an organism
c) The color and shape of an organism
d) The role of an organism in its ecosystem

What is the relationship between a sea anemone and a clown fish?
a) Mutualism
b) Predator/Prey Relationship
c) Competition
d) Cooperation

What would be an example of a limiting factor?
a) How nice the place where the organism lives
b) Large Population of Predators
c) The type of teeth an organism has
d) The type of zookeeper an animal has

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