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to advocate a principle
a) oppose
b) discuss
c) support
d) consider

alleged guilt
a) proved
b) unproved
c) intense
d) wanted

to manipulate controls
a) observe
b) locate
c) handle
d) avoid

to miscontrue my reason
a) misinterpret
b) mistrust
c) misapply
d) misrepresent

a treasonous conspiracy
a) murder
b) crew
c) plot
d) leader

ominous events
a) joyful
b) sorrowful
c) fortunate
d) threatening

a program's culmnation
a) high point
b) low point
c) plan
d) ending

his preposterous tale
a) sarcastic
b) interesting
c) dull
d) absurd

lethal gas
a) flammable
b) deadly
c) natural
d) harmless

their uncanny resemblance
a) unclear
b) vague
c) mysterious
d) absurd

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