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____ is made up of tubes, or vessels.
a) Vascular tissue
b) Nonvascular tissue
c) Sori
d) Rhizoids

_____ contains the beggining plant and stored food.
a) Spores
b) Seeds
c) Sori
d) Embryos.

_____ are spore cases on fern fronds.
a) Sori
b) Seeds
c) Fruit
d) Fronds

_____ are root-like threads in moss.
a) Sori
b) Rhizoids
c) Spores
d) Conifers

_____ first classified plants and animals.
a) Linnaeus
b) Darwin
c) Mendel
d) Aristotle

A(n) ____ is a beginning plant.
a) Sori
b) Humus
c) Embryo
d) Rhizoid

____ surrounds seeds of angiosperm.
a) Sori
b) Fruit
c) Conifers
d) Spores

_____ is a major group of gymnosperms.
a) Angiosperms
b) Conifers
c) Embryos
d) Dicots

A(n) _____ is a nonflowering seed plant.
a) Fern
b) Angiosperm
c) Gymnosperm
d) Moss

A(n) ____ is what a seedless plant reproduces by.
a) Seed
b) Spore
c) humus
d) dicot

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