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Releasing energy from food
a) photosynthesis
b) respiration
c) photoperiodism
d) auxin

plant processes using light energy to produce food
a) photoperiodism
b) stimulus
c) gibberellins
d) photosynthesis

plant hormone that moves to shaded side of stem
a) auxin
b) gibberellins
c) cytokinin
d) abscisic acid

anything in environment affecting the behavior of an organism
a) gravity
b) stimulus
c) tropism
d) water

plants that flower over a wide range of night lengths
a) short-day plants
b) long-day plants
c) day-neutral plants
d) photoperiodism

reponse of a plant to a stimulus
a) tropism
b) gibberellins
c) stimulus
d) respiration

plants requiring long nights to flower
a) day-neutral plants
b) short-day plants
c) photoperiodism
d) long-day plants

Flowering response of a plant to change in length of light and dark in a day
a) photoperiodism
b) stimulus
c) gibberellins
d) photosynthesis

Most water enters through the _______________ and then moves up through the plant.
a) stem
b) leaf
c) root
d) petal

The outer layer of a leaf
a) epidermis
b) pholem
c) spongy leayer
d) Palisade layer

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