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The process of change in an environment over time is called _____.
a) niche
b) ecology
c) succession
d) boom-bust cycle

In a(n) ______, the number of predators and prey depend on each other.
a) niche
b) population
c) habitat
d) boom-bust cycle

Only the numbers and _____ of species change in a climax community.
a) distribution
b) habitats
c) predators
d) food webs

An organism that actively hunts and feeds on another organism is called a(n) _____.
a) producer
b) predator
c) plant
d) prey

The organism being hunted and fed upon is called the _____.
a) prey
b) predator
c) secondary consumer
d) food web

What is the study of how organisms interact with each other and their environment?
a) niches
b) succession
c) ecology
d) camoflauge

Why are all animals considered consumers?
a) They are part of the food web.
b) They must eat food.
c) They can make their own food by using sunlight.
d) They can perform photosynthesis.

How does a food chain differ from a food web?
a) A food chain only has producers, while a food web has both producers and consumers.
b) A food web is simpler than a food chain.
c) A food chain one posibility of energy transfer, while a food web shows many possibilities.
d) A food chain shows the loss of energy, while a food web shows the increase of energy.

What is the difference between a habitat and a niche?
a) A habitat is where an organism lives; a niche is the role an organism plays in that habitat.
b) A niche is where an organism lives; a habitat is the role an organism plays in that niche.
c) A niche is bigger than a habitat.
d) A habitat is bigger than a niche.

Name three things that animals and plants might compete for in an ecosystem.
a) food, predators, and sunlight
b) food, water, and predators
c) water, shelter, and mates
d) warning coloration, mimicry, and camoflauge

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