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Junior High TEKS Aligned.

Science students conducting an investigation to compare the dissolving rates of Epsom salts and table salt. One group received samples in unlabeled containers. The students should
a) taste the samples to see which sample is table salt.
b) ask the teacher for labeled samples.
c) go to the laboratory preparation room and get new samples.
d) create their own experiment using the unknown substances.

A student spills vinegar on the floor during a laboratory investigation. The student should
a) wipe up the spill with newspaper.
b) tell the teacher at the end of class.
c) cover the spill with a trash can.
d) notify the teacher immediately.

A student is conducting an experiment that involves the use of chemicals. Which of the following behaviors should the student avoid while in the lab?
a) taking notes with a pen
b) using water to clean the glassware
c) drinking a soda
d) asking for help from the teacher

Students use a candle to study light energy. During this investigation, the students should wear -
a) sunglasses
b) goggles
c) aprons
d) fire blankets

Which of the following might be the materials list for an experiment?
a) Data tables, graphs, charts, conclusion
b) Meters, liters, and kilograms
c) Plastic containers, soil, water, thermometers, and plants
d) Temperature, light, and time

A student places a chocolate bar outside on a sunny day in order to observe the effects of solar energy on chocolate. Which statement is the best hypothesis for this experiment?
a) It takes ten minutes for the chocolate to melt.
b) Solar energy will cause the chocolate bar to melt.
c) The chocolate bar looks shiny after five minutes.
d) The chocolate bar is sweet and contains sugar.

A student needs to measure 8.25 mL of a liquid chemical for an investigation. What measuring device should the student use for the most accurate measurement?
a) petri dish
b) beaker
c) measuring cup
d) graduated cylinder

When working with unpleasant vapors, you should always -
a) make sure you work in a closed area.
b) test odors often by breathing deeply.
c) inhale vapors directly.
d) work in a well-ventilated area.

Which of these is a hypothesis that can be tested through experimentation?
a) Fish like to eat in the morning.
b) Roses are the prettiest flowers.
c) Bacteria grow faster in warmer temperatures.
d) Dogs wag their tails faster when they are happy.

After Julie finished her science lab, she had three containers of powders. What she should do with the materials after she has finished her lab activity?
a) Ask the teacher
b) Return them to their original containers
c) Wash them down the sink
d) Throw them in the trash can

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