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In an experiment the factor that is kept the same is known as the
a) constant
b) variable
c) data
d) conclusion

Which of the following is not an example of a hypothesis
a) A dog is more likely to bite a person if they are wearing perfume
b) I think ice will melt faster by adding salt because it lowers the freezing temp.
c) I think a persons pulse rate will increase while drinking soda because of the caffeine
d) I think listening to music will have a positive impact on mood because it makes people happy.

What is known as information collect while doing an experiment?
a) Data
b) Results
c) Conclusions
d) Analysis

After an experiment is finished the next step is to
a) Analyze the data
b) Make a hypothesis
c) Create conclusions
d) Create a data table

The factor which is measured in an experiment is known as the
a) Dependent variable
b) Independent variable
c) Control variable
d) Fair test

The reason that scientists perform experiments is...
a) To confirm or disprove a hypothesis
b) To create theories to laws
c) To have fun working with bunsen burners
d) because they are bored

An experiment was done to test the if fish are more active in warm or cold water. What is the Ind. Variable?
a) Temperature of water
b) Activeness of fish
c) Color of fish
d) Depth of water

Researcher tested if allergy medicine was more effective against pollen or mold by counting the number of times a person sneezed. What is the Dep. Variable?
a) Number of sneezes
b) Pollen or Mold
c) Type of allergy
d) Medicine

What would you do if the results of your experiment did not agree with your hypothesis?
a) Create a new hypothesis
b) Cry because you just wasted your time
c) Write in your conclusions what you did wrong
d) Analyze your data

A hypothesis is also know as a(n)
a) educated guess
b) problem statement
c) question
d) data

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