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What should a salesperson do when dealing with a customer who wants to return an unsatisfactory item?
a) Exchange the item
b) Refer the customer to the manufacturer
c) Consult the buyer
d) Follow the business's selling policies

What is one of the benefits to a business of reinforcing service orientation through communication?
a) Promotes the sale of new products
b) Builds positive relationships with customers
c) Rewards customers for their support
d) Encourages employees to be aggressive

Are noncomplainers a more difficult problem for businesses than complainers?
a) Yes, because records of the complaints cannot be maintained
b) Yes, because the salesperson does not have an opportunity to handle the complaint.
c) No, because noncomplainers do not express ill feelings
d) No, because the salesperson can satisfy the noncomplainer within company guidelines

What is an effective follow-up activity that salespeople can use to provide good service and develop strong relationships with customers?
a) Asking for referrals
b) Calling to make sure the products are satisfactory
c) Explaining the company's business plan
d) Sending articles about local competitors

What is a factor that affects a business's selection of policies to guide its operations?
a) Communication skills of employees
b) Personal preferences of management
c) Nature of the business
d) Space available to display policies

Which is a pre-sale opportunity for salespeople to provide customer service?
a) Providing ample product information
b) Shipping and delivery
c) Maintenance and repair
d) Technical assistance and support

How do service-oriented companies often improve their levels of service?
a) By evaluating internal product development procedures
b) By requesting input through employee and customer surveys
c) By providing customers with product testimonials
d) By conducting a feasibility analysis for company expansion

What should help businesspeople adapt their communication styles to appeal to clients from other cultures?
a) Being respectful, indifferent, and honest
b) Being confident, biased, and manipulative
c) Being sensitive, transparent, and demanding
d) Being patient, flexible, and empathetic

Which of the following is a reason that a business would make changes to its products?
a) To keep up with changing consumer preferences
b) To spread risk over a wider area
c) To predict the success of the changed product
d) To make room for other products

Tammy listened carefully to a disgruntled customer, who is disappointed in the delayed delivery of several packages. What should Tammy do next?
a) Thank the customer
b) Explain customer policy
c) Restate the complaint
d) Take immediate action

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