Ch. 8 Rocks And Minerals Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 7292)

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What type of rock is formed from heat and pressure? an example?
a) igneous, pumice
b) sedimentary, sandstone
c) mineral, mica
d) metamorphic, gneiss

What are three types of sedimentary rock
a) pumice,obsidian, basalt
b) gabbro, pegmatite, sandstone
c) sandstone, limestone, mudstone
d) slate, gneiss, phyllite

How can you classify a mineral?
a) color-luster, softness, break-apart
b) hardness, streak test, color- luster
c) streak-test, dissolve-test, color
d) sand-test, marble, chemical-make up

How can fossils help scientists?
a) Fossils give evidence about Earth's history, life formation and change of the earth
b) They tell scientists only about dinosaurs
c) They tell scientists about when dinosaurs and people lived at the same time
d) Fossils can help scientists with chemical reactions

Magma that slowly cools below the Earth's surface forms igneous rocks that have
a) large crystals
b) no crystals
c) microscopic crystals
d) layered crystals

The ongoing process in which old rock is broken down and formed into new rock over millions of years is known as
a) erosion
b) sediment
c) weathering
d) the rock cycle

What is a 1 on the Mohs scale?
a) topaz
b) gypsum
c) talc
d) flourite

What is a 7 on the Mohs scale?
a) diamond
b) feldspar
c) calcite
d) quartz

How can rocks change into soil?
a) animals break them down by stomping on them
b) water drips in cracks, freezes, thaws and weakens the rock, then it breaks
c) they are put into chemicals that break them down
d) large equipment crashes the rocks into each other

What is the geologic time scale?
a) divided into four parts; Precambrian era, Paleozoic era, Mesozoic era, and Cenozoic era
b) divided into four parts; Cleopatra era, Paleozinc era, Mesa era, and Cenozoic era
c) divided into four parts; Cambrian era, Zoic era, Mesozoic era, and Cenozoic era
d) divided into four parts; Fossil era, Paleozoic era, Mesozoic era, and Erosion era

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