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What is true of rocks?
a) They are soft
b) They are made only of magma
c) Their hardness is at least a 5
d) They are made from one or more minerals

What are minerals?
a) Different kinds of crystals that make up rocks
b) small pieces of leaves
c) rocks made up of several kinds of crystals
d) kinds of sugar

What is mica?
a) it is the same as quartz
b) a common mineral that forms rocks
c) it makes a countertop
d) a person's name

What is a very soft mineral?
a) diamond
b) calcite
c) talc
d) flourite

What is weathering?
a) thunder, lightning, and strong rains
b) when coyotes use caves to stay out of the rain
c) high pressure system that cause storms
d) a natural process that breaks rocks into smaller pieces

What is soil made from?
a) pebbles, water, and leaves
b) sand, worms, and water
c) small bits of rock, plant and animal remains, and live animals
d) rock layers

What is igneous rock made up of?
a) it is made of melted rock that has been cooled
b) its made up of crushed fossils
c) it is always soft
d) it is made up of layers of sediment

What is the property of sedimentary rock?
a) it is made from a melting igneous rock
b) it is made from leaves and sand
c) it is made from fungus off of live animals
d) it is made up of layers

What can make fossils?
a) muscle, tissue, and organs from dead animals
b) igneous and sedimentary rocks
c) quartz and talc
d) bones, shells, and leaves

What is an example of an igneous rock?
a) obsidian
b) talc
c) sandstone
d) gabbro

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