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MARKETING 2.0 Sales Pt. 2.[print questions]

What is an internal factor that affects the selling policies of a business?
a) Customer requests
b) Actions of competitors
c) Financial resources
d) Government legislation

Joe will sometimes forgo a sale in order to satisfy a customer's needs. Carol always attempts to close a sale at all costs. Who is likely to be the more successful?
a) Joe because he is a nice person
b) Carol because Joe is too timid to close a sale
c) Joe because he will get more repeat business
d) Carol because she will make more sales

What type of information should employees be able to locate in their company's employee handbook?
a) The company's annual report
b) The company's list of current job openings
c) The use of company property
d) The number of vacation days that an employee has taken

What is one of the purposes of having business policies?
a) To encourage customers to make frequent exchanges
b) To make sure the business's actions are consistent
c) To ensure that the business makes a profit
d) To allow employees to make decisions regarding customers

A customer asked you several questions about the new expandable notebooks. So that you address the customer's questions correctly, what should you do?
a) Spend as little time as possible answering customers' inquiries
b) Try to make a sale while you're answering each inquiry
c) Don't try to handle inquiries when you are busy with a sale
d) Make sure you clearly understand customers' inquiries

What are businesspeople who fail to adapt their communication styles to appeal to their international clients likely to do?
a) Offend the clients
b) Earn the clients' trust
c) Impress the clients
d) Persuade the clients to buy

What should salespeople do when they must cope with customers who are being disagreeable?
a) Speed up the sale to minimize opportunity for disagreement
b) Use product knowledge to prove they are wrong
c) Listen patiently and try to stay calm
d) Ask them to come back when they are ready to buy

What should employees do to maintain a customer-service mindset?
a) Listen to the words of soothing songs
b) Devote their full attention to customers
c) Maximize conversations with coworkers
d) Decide how to spend their break time

What is a businesslike way for employees to handle a situation in which they must obtain information requested by customers and call the customers back?
a) Tell the customers exactly when they will be called
b) Ask the customers when it would be convenient to call them
c) Explain how much effort will be required to get the requested information
d) Ask the customers to call back if they don't receive a call within 24 hours

Jami researched her international customers' buying behanior. Jami wanted to be sure she did make the common mistake to do which of the following actions?
a) Offend the clients
b) Earn the clients' trust
c) Impress the clients
d) Persuade the clients to buy

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