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What is a cost associated with customer complaints?
a) Markups on inventory
b) Additional advertising
c) Higher commissions
d) Loss of sales

Which of the following would be the most likely cause of customer complaints?
a) Institutional ads
b) Product quality
c) Extended hours
d) rice reductions

What kind of customer would make the following statement: "I must compare the different shades of color and fabrics available for a new comforter set."
a) Disagreeable
b) Suspicious
c) Slow/Methodical
d) Dishonest

What type of information concerning policies and procedures do employees often extract from an internal business report?
a) Customer profiles
b) New personnel regulations
c) Industry research data
d) Former local competitors

George sold Sandy a new living room set. What should George do as an effective follow-up to provide good service and develop a strong relationship with her?
a) Asking for referrals
b) Calling to make sure the products are satisfactory
c) Explaining the company's business plan
d) Sending articles about local competitors.

What is a guideline for employees to follow in handling customer inquiries?
a) Spend as little time as possible answering customers' inquiries
b) Try to make a sale while you're answering each inquiry
c) Don't try to handle inquiries when you are busy with a sale
d) Make sure you clearly understand customers' inquiries

What kind of customer would make the following statement: "I just don't know which of these my girlfriend would like best. I had better come back at another time."
a) Disagreeable
b) Suspicious
c) Slow/Methodical
d) Dishonest

Why would a business use a broad product mix?
a) To assure that the product lines are related
b) To promote one-stop shopping
c) To decrease legal liabilities
d) To relate the products to the target market

What can salespeople do to maintain good relationships with existing customers?
a) Ask for new referrals
b) Use customers in advertisements
c) Live up to their promises
d) Send customers expensive gifts

What should you do to demonstrate a customer-service mindset in the following situation: An irate business customer yells at you because of a billing error?
a) Make sure the mistake is corrected
b) Blame the billing department
c) Get as upset as the customer
d) Call the person's supervisor to complain about the customer's attitude

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