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Any change in the volume or shape of Earth\'s crust is called...
a) deformation
b) earthquake
c) folding
d) faulting

Which type of seismic wave arrives at a seismograph first?
a) P waves
b) tsunami
c) surface waves
d) S waves

A break in the crust where slabs slip past each other is...
a) a fault
b) a hanging wall
c) a fold
d) an epicenter

The point beneath the Earth\'s surface where the crust breaks and triggers earthquakes is called...
a) focus
b) seismic wave
c) fault
d) epicenter

The type of stress that pushes masses of rock sideways in opposite directions
a) shearing
b) normal
c) compression
d) tension

Fault-block mountains are produced by which type of fault?
a) normal
b) tension
c) reverse
d) strike-slip

This type of stress occurs at converging plates
a) compression
b) strike-slip
c) shearing
d) tension

An instrument used to measure and record ground movements during an earthquake is called...
a) seismograph
b) Moment Magnitude Scale
c) Richter Scale
d) magnitude

Which type of waves are the slowest but create the most damage?
a) surface waves
b) tsunami waves
c) S waves
d) P waves

The scale which uses a rating system that estimates the total energy released by an earthquake
a) Moment Magnitude Scale
b) Seismographic Scale
c) Mercalli Scale
d) Richter Scale

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