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Which of these were encouraged to move to central Asia by the Soviets?
a) Ethnic russians
b) Americans
c) Germans
d) Chinese

Which of these landmarks is shrinking rapidly due to human activities?
a) Pacific ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Aral Sea
d) Winnie the Pooh

Which of these is an Islamic house of worship?
a) Baptist Church
b) Mosques
c) Apache Space Craft
d) Mars

Which of these countries have a share of the Fergana Valley
a) Kygyzstan
b) Uzbekistan
c) Tajikistan
d) All of the above

Which of these is the name of a large merchant group traveling together for protection?
a) Wal-Mart
b) Dollar General
c) Caravans
d) Target

Which of these is the name of an ancient city along the silk road?
a) Miami
b) Tashkent
c) Atlanta
d) Jersey City

What is the name for a moveable round house of wool felt mats over a wooden frame?
a) Yurt
b) Mansion
c) Ice cream sandwich
d) Yacht

What is the name for people who move place to place in search of food and water?
a) Americans
b) Nomads
c) Cool people
d) Room 113

Which of these groups are famous for their gold embroidery?
a) Uzbeks
b) Iranians
c) Chinese
d) Japanese

What is a desert area where a well or spring provides water called?
a) Mirage
b) Dirty
c) Oasis
d) Sunspot

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