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Which of these has the largest population of any central Asian Country?
a) Uzbekistan
b) Kazahkstan
c) Afghanistan
d) Iran

Which of these countries is clan membeship the most important?
a) Uzbekistan
b) Kyrgyzistan
c) Russia
d) China

All Central Asian countries have a ___________ form of government?
a) Strong Central
b) Democratic
c) None
d) All of the above

Which of these is a main climate of central Asia?
a) Desert
b) All of the above
c) Steppe
d) Highland

Which of these was important as nomadic furniture because it could easily be moved?
a) Carpets
b) fire places
c) Couches
d) King sized beds

Which was the first central Asian country to be conquered by Russia?
a) Afghanistan
b) Uzbekhistan
c) Kazakhstan
d) Turkmenistan

Which of these is a crop that grows well in central Asia but requires a great deal of water?
a) Beans
b) Corn
c) Cotton
d) All of the above

What was the name of the major trade route in Central Asia untill the 1500s?
a) Oregon trail
b) Trail of tears
c) Worm hole
d) Silk road

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and _____________ have difficulty transporting their fossil fuels to other countries?
a) South America
b) Turkmenistan
c) China
d) Brazil

Who did the soviets force to settle on collective farms and ranches?
a) Americans
b) Iranians
c) Australians
d) Nomads

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