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How old is Karl?
a) 13
b) 14
c) 15
d) 16

What are they fishing for?
a) clams
b) bass
c) herring
d) goldfish

What is a slicker?
a) a type of gum
b) a raincoat
c) a type of bait
d) a fishing pole

What was the emergency?
a) the snowstorm
b) the fire
c) the choking
d) the rain storm

Where do the events of this passage mostly take place?
a) in a farmhouse
b) on a fishing boat
c) in a remote village
d) on a lake shore

What is the main reason Karl keeps rowing, even though he is very tired?
a) He does not want to lose all of the fish
b) He knows his mother is waiting on shore
c) He does not want to disappoint his father
d) He knows the storm is about to end

Why does the author write that the black clouds galloped toward us like wild horses?
a) to describe the sound of thunder
b) to explain how hard the wind is blowing
c) to describe how quickly the storm is moving
d) to explain that there is little light left

The wind pushed hard against us. We seemed to be fighting the anger of the whole lake. What image do those sentences create?
a) a fierce struggle
b) an exciting adventure
c) an entertaining encounter
d) a rare opportunity

What does the underlined word swamp mean?
a) to be overwhelmed
b) to become full of water
c) to remove trees from
d) to sink in a wet, marshy area

How does the author support the idea that commercial fishing could be dangerous?
a) by explaining how long Karl and his father have been at sea
b) by describing how difficult it is to start the boat's motor
c) by implying that cold water conditions make life jackets useless
d) by telling how Karl andhis father are able to row the boat to shore

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