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Which word means strain or unrest?
a) tension
b) aloof
c) sagely
d) wince

Which word means cautiously or timidly careful?
a) elite
b) resignedly
c) gingerly
d) roguisly

Which word means staggering or swaying?
a) rank
b) wince
c) unfathomable
d) reeling

Which word means by chance?
a) gingerly
b) aloof
c) incidentally
d) gallant

Which word means brave and noble?
a) gallant
b) reeling
c) sagely
d) rank

Which word means unbelievable?
a) irresistable
b) gingerly
c) resignedly
d) unfathomable

Which word means impossible to resist?
a) incidentally
b) irresistible
c) wince
d) sarcastically

Which word means having a bad smell or taste? It can also be a position in a classification.
a) sagely
b) wince
c) rank
d) elite

Which word means to be unconcerned or indifferent?
a) sophisticated
b) nonchalantly
c) rougishly
d) incredulous

Which word means playfully of mischievous?
a) clammy
b) aloof
c) unfathomable
d) rougishly

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