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common noun
a) Never heard of it
b) action words
c) passive words
d) names any person place or thing

a) names a particular person place or thing
b) names the action
c) describes something
d) not even a part of speech

a) period of running
b) period of eating
c) period of watching
d) period of sleeping

a) bent forward
b) bent backward
c) roll upside down
d) stand straight up

a) what a dog does
b) growth of fur
c) growth of scales
d) growth of fungus

a) with no noise
b) really loud
c) rings the ears
d) bent forward

a) walk away
b) knock to the ground
c) push harshly
d) push gently

a) big bit of food
b) just orange juice
c) no food
d) small bit of food

a) held steady
b) done
c) push
d) violent

a) small
b) cool
c) violent
d) happy

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