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When did the girl and her mother emigrate to America?
a) 1930s
b) 1940s
c) 1950s
d) 1960s

How does the Mother get to work?
a) bus
b) car
c) bike
d) subway

Where are the main characters originally from?
a) Russia
b) China
c) Hungary
d) England

What language does the Mother want to learn?
a) Hungarian
b) English
c) German
d) Pig-latin

What is most important to the Mother?
a) that she tells jokes in Hungarian
b) that she rises early in the morning
c) that she learns to speak English
d) that she travels daily on the subway

What does swarming with human traffic mean?
a) the street is crowded with people
b) the street is clogged with vehicles
c) people are raising their voices on the street
d) drivers are honking their horns on the street

What does the underlined word comply mean?
a) disappear
b) hesitate
c) obey
d) relax

Which detail best shows that the narrator is excited about her life in America?
a) her resistance to the growing independence of her mother
b) her acceptance of why she can no longer accompany her mother
c) her discipline to work on language lessons every day with her mother
d) her description of rising early to ride the subway with her mother

What does the underlined word jocular mean?
a) careless
b) humorous
c) impatient
d) soothing

Which word best describes the narrator's attitude towards her mother?
a) disrespectful
b) resentful
c) supportive
d) sympathetic

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