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Various Questions From 6th Grade Science Standards.[print questions]

Which layer of the atmosphere do we live in?
a) Thermosphere
b) Stratosphere
c) Troposphere
d) Exosphere

The temperature in the thermosphere ____________.
a) increases
b) is the coldest in the atmosphere
c) is the same as the troposphere
d) decreases

The most abundant gas in the atmosphere is ______________.
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon dioxide
c) Water vapor
d) Nitrogen

. The higher you go in the atmosphere, the __________ the air pressure gets.
a) lower
b) more electric
c) more constant
d) higher

The two most important gases for weather conditions are _______________ and carbon dioxide.
a) ozone
b) water vapor
c) nitrogen
d) argon

The ________________________ is cold except in its upper region where ozone is located.
a) troposphere
b) mesosphere
c) stratosphere
d) exosphere

Meteorologists use _____________ to measure the air pressure.
a) barometers
b) hygrometers
c) thermometers
d) sling psychrometers

The process by which plants lose water from their leaves is called _________________.
a) leakage
b) exhalation
c) outbreathing
d) transpiration

Which atmospheric layer contains weather?
a) troposphere
b) thermosphere
c) mesosphere
d) stratosphere

What process changes water vapor to a liquid?
a) evaporation
b) infiltration
c) condensation
d) transpiration

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