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In Spain, what is a typical way for family members to greet each other?
a) to give each other a high five
b) to salute each other with their right hand
c) to give each other a kiss on each cheek
d) to give each other a bear hug

What is namaste?
a) a way of greeting one another in India
b) a way of saying goodbye in Russia
c) a typical greeting in Mexico
d) the Japanese way of saying hello

In Belgium, how do people greet each other?
a) by patting each other gently on the back
b) with 3 kisses going from cheek to cheek
c) by placing their hands in a praying position against their chests
d) by a hand shake where the hands just grace each other gently, they do not grasp each other.

In the Middle East, what do people do during a greeting after they have said Salaam
a) They kiss each other on each cheek
b) they shake hands
c) they embrace in a strong hug
d) the sweep their right hand up to their heart

In Thailand, the higher your hands are against your chest means
a) that you dislike that person
b) that you don't want to hurt their feelings
c) that they significant than you are
d) the more respect you are giving someone.

In Malaysia, how do people greet each other?
a) Lightly kick your ankles together
b) Stretch out your hands and touch fingertips with the other, then bring your hands to your heart.
c) Slightly bow down and then kiss 3 times
d) Shake hands and then spin around once

In Latin America a hug is called what?
a) un huggo
b) el squeeze
c) embracado
d) abrazo

In Latin America, if people haven't seen each other in a while, it's custom to do what?
a) shake hands, hug and then shake hands again
b) nothing, if they haven\'t seen each other in a while, they just ignore each other.
c) give each other a strong hug
d) bow down, shake hands and pump elbows

Some tribes in East Africa do what when greeting each other?
a) pretend to spit in each other\'s face
b) bump elbows
c) pretend to spit on each other\'s shoes
d) rub noses

In Japan, what is the most common way to greet eac other?
a) to slighty bow at the waist
b) to shake hands
c) to spit on each other's shoes
d) to stick their tongue out

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