Outsiders Vocabulary Ch. 1-3 Question Preview (ID: 7264)

Select The Correct Vocabulary Word.

Which word means playfully or mischievous?
a) rougishly
b) reeling
c) incidentally
d) resignedly

Which word means damp soft sticky and usually cold?
a) aloof
b) tension
c) clammy
d) gingerly

Which word means to make a remark that hurts someone\'s feelings?
a) sophisticated
b) incredulous
c) sagely
d) sarcastically

Which word means a socially superior group?
a) aloof
b) elite
c) irresistable
d) sagely

Which word means sensible or wise?
a) sagely
b) gingerly
c) unfathomable
d) gallant

Which word means giving in without complaint?
a) gallant
b) elite
c) resignedly
d) wince

Which word means to shrink back?
a) clammy
b) aloof
c) reeling
d) wince

Which word means not natural or simple? Also means worldly.
a) sophisticated
b) nonchalantly
c) incidentally
d) sarcastically

Which word means feeling disbelief?
a) wince
b) roguishly
c) tension
d) incredulous

Which word means distant of indifferent?
a) elite
b) rank
c) aloof
d) sagely

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