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The streak of a mineral is the __________________
a) Shape of the rock.
b) Color of its powder.
c) Way a mineral breaks.
d) Smell of a mineral.

The luster of a mineral is ______________________
a) The way the mineral breaks.
b) The way the mineral looks.
c) The way the mineral shines in the light (metallic/non-metallic).
d) The worth of the mineral.

The mineral's cleavage is _____________________
a) How big the mineral is.
b) The measured hardness of the mineral.
c) The way a mineral breaks.
d) The shape of the mineral.

The Mohs Scale measures __________________
a) The hardness of the mineral.
b) The carrot size of the mineral.
c) The mass of the mineral.
d) The way the mineral shines in the light (metallic/non metallic)

Rocks are made from ___________ (pick the best answer)
a) Magma.
b) Pressure.
c) Pizza.
d) Minerals.

Which of these is NOT a characteristic of minerals?
a) It occurs naturally.
b) It has a definite chemical composition.
c) Its atoms are arranged in an orderly pattern.
d) It is organic.

If a penny has a hardness of 2 on ___________ it can scratch a piece of chalk with a hardness of 1. A penny could not scratch a piece of steel with a hardness of 6.
a) Gravitational Force Scale
b) Mohs Scale
c) Triple Beam Balance
d) Mr. Cocke's Workout Scale

Color IS the best way to determine the type of mineral.
a) False
b) I like the color green.
c) True
d) I like shiny things....

The density of the object can be determined by _________________
a) Finding the mass of an object and multiplying it by the volume.
b) Finding the volume of the object using water displacement then dividing it by the objects mass.
c) Dividing the objects mass by the object's water displacement.
d) Throwing the object onto concrete.

Mr. House is _____________ and Mr. Osborn is _____________
a) Barney / Lamb Chops
b) A Gladiator / A Ninja
c) Magma / Dry Ice
d) British / Australian

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