Science Process Skills II Question Preview (ID: 726)

Lab Safety, Observation, Inference, Measurement, Classification, Prediciton. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which of the following best explains how safety goggles protect the eyes?
a) They keep smoke and other gases from blocking vision.
b) They protect the eye from bright lights and harmful rays.
c) They prevent dangerous objects or liquids from touching the eye.
d) They allow a person to observe a burning flame at close range without being in danger.

Which of the following gives the best definition for a safe experiment?
a) an experiment where no dangerous tools or materials are used
b) an experiment where the observer does not interact with the items being observed
c) an experiment where nobody gets hurt
d) an experiment where all reasonable steps are taken to avoid dangerous situations

Which is NOT an observation?
a) The backpack weighs 5 kilograms.
b) A football field is 120 yards long.
c) My pillow feels soft and smooth.
d) Evan is wearing a nicer shirt than Andrew.

Which of the following is an example of an inference?
a) The sky is overcast, and the sun is not visible.
b) There are many stratus clouds filling the sky.
c) I like cloudy days.
d) Due to the overcast skies, I think it is about to rain.

Which metric unit would you use to measure the distance from our school to downtown Greenville?
a) miles
b) meters
c) kilometers
d) kilograms

Which metric unit would be used to measure the amount of cough syrup in one dose?
a) milliliters
b) teaspoons
c) millimeters
d) liters

Which metric unit would be used to measure your mass?
a) grams
b) kilograms
c) pounds
d) kiloliters

Which tool could be used to find to volume of a liquid?
a) triple-beam balance
b) spring scale
c) graduated cylinder
d) meter stick

Which tool could be used to find the mass of an apple?
a) triple-beam balance
b) graduated cylinder
c) beaker
d) metric ruler

Which best describes how to find the volume of a marble using water displacement?
a) Multiply length times width times height.
b) Tell how high the marble is in the tube.
c) Find the difference between the water level before and after the marble has been added to the cylinder.
d) Give the ending water level measure.

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