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This ship was blown up by Germany, killing over 100 Americans.
a) Lusitania
b) Queen Mary
c) Grey Ghost
d) Maine

This country was secretly sending weapons to the Allies before declaring war on the Central Powers.
a) Great Britain
b) France
c) United States
d) Germany

Germany sank many U.S. ships in this ocean.
a) Pacific
b) Indian
c) Arctic
d) Atlantic

This weapon killed one-third of all people in the war.
a) tanks
b) machine guns
c) poisonous gas
d) trench warfare

This country sent a telegram to Mexico asking them to attack the United States.
a) Germany
b) Canada
c) Cuba
d) Great Britain

A policy where a country refuses to be involved in other country's problems.
a) stalemate
b) neutrality
c) alliance
d) nationalist

This small country believed Austria-Hungary had their land and turned to Russia for help.
a) Germany
b) Poland
c) Portugal
d) Serbia

Most of the fighting took place in this country.
a) France
b) United States
c) Austria-Hungary
d) Italy

The American president during WWI was
a) Woodrow Wilson
b) Theodore Roosevelt
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Franklin Delano Roosevelt

America entered WWI after _______ attacked American passenger ships.
a) Italy
b) Russia
c) Germany
d) Great Britain

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