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Mwen rele.
a) How are you?
b) My name is...
c) What is your name?
d) Good morning.

a) Please
b) Thank you.
c) May I....?
d) Good evening.

a) Thank you.
b) Good evening.
c) How are you?
d) No.

a) Good evening.
b) Good morning
c) My name is...
d) Excuse me.

a) Good morning.
b) Hi!
c) Goodbye.
d) How are you?

a) Goodbye.
b) Good morning.
c) My name is...
d) Hello.

Eskize mwen.
a) Excuse me.
b) Good afternoon.
c) No.
d) Yes.

Mwen regret sa
a) I\'m sorry.
b) Goodbye
c) Hello.
d) How are you?

Koman ou ye?
a) How are you?
b) I\'m sorry.
c) Thank you.
d) I\'m fine, thank you.

Mwen tre byen, mesi
a) I\'m fine thank you.
b) My name is...
c) Good morning.
d) i\'m sorry.

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