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The name of the Greek city-state in Asia Minor
a) Ionia
b) Crete
c) Sparta
d) Athens

The name of the head Greek god
a) Thor
b) Athena
c) Zeus
d) Homer

The name of the site of the Minoan civilization
a) Acropolis
b) Crete
c) Asia Minor
d) Marathon

The name for a hill in the center of a Greek city
a) agora
b) bard
c) polis
d) acropolis

Man who tried and failed to defeat the Athenians at Marathon
a) Darius
b) Themostocles
c) Pericles
d) Zeus

Group who paid for the Spartan navy during the Peloponnesian War
a) Persians
b) Athenians
c) Ionians
d) Dorians

Name of the legendary blind poet
a) Homer
b) Illiad
c) Odysessy
d) Pericles

Site of a devastating defeat for the Persian army
a) Marathon
b) Crete
c) Egypt
d) Harappa

Sparta was considered an
a) democracy
b) theocracy
c) oligarchy
d) tyranny

Athens was considered a
a) democracy
b) tyranny
c) oligarchy
d) theocracy

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