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Which term means military formation in which foot soldiers stood with shields overlapped
a) phalanx
b) aristocrat
c) symposium
d) mercenary

Which terms means a solier who serves a foreign country for pay
a) tyrant
b) bard
c) mercenary
d) helot

Which term is a gathering of men with eating, drinking and entertainment
a) symposium
b) labyrinth
c) constitution
d) rhetoric

Citizen of democratic Athens favored lotteries over elections because
a) citizens were not expected to participate in government
b) few citizens were considered competent to run for office
c) they believe the elections could be dominated by the wealthy and well spoken
d) many citizens were unwilling to run for elected office

A major factor in Greece's victories in the Persian Wars was
a) the cooperation of independent city-states
b) the antagonistic relationship between Ionia and Sparta
c) at antagonistic relationship between Athens and Sparta
d) its vastly greater number of warships

The "Dark Age" refers to the period after the fall of
a) Dorians
b) Troy
c) Mycenaeans
d) Athens

This was known as an anti-Persian alliance
a) Marathon
b) Delian League
c) Ionia
d) Acropolis

The place where most of the ancient Olympic champions would come from
a) Sparta
b) United States
c) Marathon
d) Ionia

Location of Athens
a) Asia Minor
b) Attica
c) Peloponnesus
d) Indus Valley

Greek hiding place during the Trojan War
a) Trojan Horse
b) ship
c) castle
d) dungeon

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