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Which of the following is NOT an observation?
a) The apple is light green in color.
b) Apples are the best fruit.
c) The apple tastes sour.
d) The apple weighs about 38 grams.

Which of the following is an example of a quantitative observation?
a) The leaves are waxy and smooth.
b) It has a sweet odor.
c) I would like 5 apples.
d) The mass of one leaf is 5 grams.

Which of the following is an inference about a coin?
a) The coin is the color of copper.
b) Perhaps the coin sat in water and became corroded.
c) The coin has a green substance on one side.
d) This coin has the date 1994 marked on it.

The international units of measurement used by scientists around the world is called the
a) customary system
b) pound and ounce system
c) global economy
d) metric system

Which metric unit would you use to measure the distance a paper airplane can fly?
a) millimeters
b) meters
c) kilograms
d) centiliters

Which tool would you use to measure the mass of a pencil?
a) ruler
b) meter stick
c) graduated cylinder
d) triple-beam balance

A dicotomous key is
a) a tool used by scientists to identify organisms or objects in nature.
b) a tool to measure mass
c) something used to catch a mouse
d) a tool used to measure capacity

Which of the following is the most important characteristic of a rubber glove during a scientic experiment?
a) heat conductor
b) reliable grip
c) hand cleaner
d) protective layer

Which unit would be used to measure the amount of water that fit onto the penny in our "Penny Drops" lab?
a) liters
b) centimeters
c) milliters
d) grams

You look out of your window and see two men carrying a TV set away from your neighbor's house. Which is an inference based on this observation?
a) The owner bought a new set and is trading this one in.
b) The television is smaller than yours.
c) The TV set is black.
d) You don't like their TV set anyway.

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