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Spartan society was notable for
a) an emphasis on military and athletic ability
b) higher standard of living than most Greeks
c) great intellectual and artistic accomplishments
d) the complete political control of its two kings

All of the following are characteristics of Greek religion EXCEPT
a) a belief in gods with human forms and human like behavior
b) a belief in the existence of powerful goddesses
c) the use of oracle bones to predict the future
d) a belief in a female deity, the Earth Mother

The public square where meetings took place in Greek city-states was called the
a) agora
b) acropoli
c) assembly
d) phalanx

Athens was defeated during the Peloponnesian War by an alliance led by the
a) Spartans
b) Persians
c) Macedonians
d) Delian League

Most Greek goods were transported by
a) overland pack animals
b) overland slave labor
c) cargo ships
d) overland chariots

Hellenic traditions and stories were recorded in epic poems by
a) bards
b) oracles
c) traders
d) choruses

Solon promoted the growth of Athens by
a) urging farmers to grow cash crops instead of grain
b) extending citizenship to helots
c) ordering all slaves to learn a trade
d) abolishing the institute of slavery

The period from 461 BC to 429 BC is called the Golden Age of Athens because
a) democratic laws were introduced
b) the Persians won the battles of Marathon and Salamis
c) the greatest achievements in arts and sciences were produced
d) the Illiad and Odyssey were composed

Despite Greece's mild climate, transportation and communication were difficult because
a) the rugged mountain terrain
b) numerous rocky harbors
c) no community was located more than 50 miles from the coast
d) the constant threat of armed nomadic groups

Word such as police and politics derive from the Greek word polis meaning
a) city-state
b) soldier
c) fortress
d) democracy

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