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How To Land A Job.

Tim is a social worker and earns a good salary with benefits. He has to get continuing education each year. He often has to take work home to keep up with his caseload.
a) Full Time Career
b) part time job
c) Part time career
d) Full Time Job

John is getting ready to fill out a job application. What does he need in order to start.
a) Permission to use people as references
b) Green and red ink pens
c) a rencent photo
d) official copies of school transcripts

Patsy has an interview for a receptionist\'s position. What should Patsy wear?
a) Conservative Clothese, small earrings, and a watch
b) Bright clothes and lots of jewelry
c) Lots of make up and perfume
d) Big and Bright Jewelry

Jane arrived 15 minutes early for her interview at the hospital and entered the waiting room. What shouid Jane do?
a) Introduce herself to the receptionist
b) Talk on her cell phone
c) Touch up her manicure
d) Listen to her I POD

Matt has an interview for an accounting postition. What should Matt wear?
a) Navy blue suit, white shirt, conservative tie
b) Navy blue suit, navy blue silk shirt, navy blue tie
c) Blue shirt, tie with dollar signs, khaki pants
d) Blue blazer, pink shirt, tie, khaki pants

Nick is wearing a professional suit, tie, and shoes to make a good first impression in a job ionterview. He wants to wear a new fragrance he just purchased. What should Nick do?
a) Avoid wearing any fragrance
b) lightly spray his shirt with cologne
c) Use a scented deodorant, with aftershave
d) wear scented body lotion

Mark wants to thank his interviewer and make the best impression possible after his interveiw. What should he do?
a) Send a formal thank you letter within 24 hours
b) Send a thank you e mail
c) Send a thank you note on facebook
d) Send a thank you note with a friend that works in the company

Which illustrates a recommended strategy for a junior in high school to locate job openings?
a) Check for job postings on the guidance office bulleitn board
b) Complain about not having a job on facebook
c) hang out at the mall and hope someone offers you a job
d) Record a rap about finding a job

Molly ioncluded in her resume, her work expierences, honors and awards. She also needs to include:
a) A statement "References furnished upon request
b) her date of birth
c) Height and weight
d) social security number

Mattie is ready to start filling out job applications. What should Maddie do first?
a) Read the entire form carefully
b) Print her name
c) Print her address
d) Mark out things that does not apply to her

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