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Energy from the sun reaches the Earth in the form of:
a) heat energy
b) light energy
c) electricity and magnetism
d) nuclear reactions

Heat and light are produced on and in the sun through:
a) burning of gases
b) light waves
c) nuclear reactions
d) electromagnetism

Waves are produced by:
a) winds
b) tides
c) vibrations
d) atoms

Waves are everywhere and have the following properties in common:
a) wavelength and frequency
b) pitch and amplitude
c) matter and medium
d) temperature and amplitude

A wave with high frequency is characterized by a:
a) high frequency
b) high amplitude
c) high temperature
d) high wavelengths

If bats can detect prey by detecting heat through their noses. What type of electromagnetic energy do they detect?
a) gamma
b) infrared
c) ultraviolet
d) microwave

Microwaves have longer wavelengths than visible light waves. This means that
a) they have a higher pitch than light waves
b) have higher energy than light waves
c) have lower velocity than light waves
d) have lower frequency than light waves

Molecules in a solid:
a) do not move
b) are held in place and vibrate
c) slide slowly past one another
d) slide rapidly past one another

When water evaporates, taking on heat energy , the molecules
a) move closer together
b) move more freely
c) are constant
d) turn into atoms

When transmitted light is bent, it is said to be
a) absorbed
b) reflected
c) refracted
d) scattered

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