Earthquakes & Volcanoes Question Preview (ID: 722)

Basic Definition And Descripton For Earthquakes And Volcanoes.

What is the lithosphere
a) The upper mantle and the crust
b) The crust and the outer core
c) The outer core and the mantle
d) The mantle

The beginning point of an earthquake is its
a) focus
b) magnitude
c) eruption
d) epicenter

A volcano that has a bowl like crater at its top and only one main vent is a
a) cinder cone
b) shield
c) composite cone
d) Pelean

A volcano that has erupted in the past and is expected to erupt again is
a) active
b) dangerous
c) extinct
d) dormant

Scientists who study the movements of the earth are called
a) seismologists
b) scientologists
c) pedologists
d) volanologists

The idea that the earth's crust is made up of moving plates is the theory of
a) plate tectonics
b) The Ring of Fire
c) Pangaea
d) volcanologists

Breaks in the earth's surface along which rocks can move are
a) faults
b) vents
c) volcanoes
d) plate boundaries

An earthquakes magnitude can be measured by
a) the Richter scale
b) a seismograph
c) a geodometer
d) the Mercalli scale

An avalanche of red-hot dust and gases emited by a volcano is a(an)
a) pyroclastic flow
b) Hawaiian eruption
c) Strombolain flow
d) Pelean eruption

A large, gradually sloping volcano resembling an upside-down bowl is a
a) shield volcano
b) Pelean
c) cinder cone volcano
d) composite cone volcano

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