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The House of Burgesses was an example of
a) an aristocracy.
b) a democracy.
c) a monarchy.
d) a dictatorship.

What kind of religious policy did the colony of Pennsylvania have?
a) no women practicing as leaders
b) tolerate religious differences
c) don't allow Catholics to live there
d) no business ownership

Who maintained the friendliest relations with the Native Americans by being business partners?
a) French
b) English
c) Spanish
d) Dutch

This is the theory that a nation's power depends on its wealth.
a) colonialism
b) imperialism
c) feudalism
d) mercantilism

Why did the English and French go to war?
a) Land
b) Slavery
c) Fishing
d) Native Americans

What did the English get for winning the French and Indian War?
a) More money from France
b) More land from France
c) More slaves from France
d) The fishing and fur trade from France

This document was drawn up by the Plymouth Pilgrims to ensure loyalty and order.
a) charter
b) proprietary
c) Mayflower Compact
d) Plymouth Compact

This was the shipping of enslaved Africans to the West Indies.
a) Southern Route
b) Middle Passage
c) Northwest Passage
d) Center Line

After the Europeans arrived, what did thousands of Native Americans die from?
a) lack of shelter
b) warfare
c) disease
d) drowning

Who had the right to vote in colonial legislatures?
a) white, property-owning men
b) women
c) indentured servants
d) enslaved Africans

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