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Which crop saved Jamestown?
a) tobacco
b) corn
c) rice
d) indigo

What is a representative government?
a) One person governs.
b) Religious leaders govern.
c) People elect representatives.
d) Congress elects a president.

Which two European countries fought for control of North America in the 1600s and 1700s?
a) England and France
b) Italy and Spain
c) Russia and Canada
d) Netherlands and Switzerland

What is a constitution?
a) a receipt for goods sold at market
b) a document granting land to settlers
c) a treaty among nations
d) a plan of government

Most enslaved Africans in North America lived and worked
a) on Southern plantations.
b) in New England factories.
c) on fishing ships.
d) with French trappers.

The French in colonial North America were mostly involved in
a) cologne, pastries, and fashion.
b) fur trapping and trading.
c) setting up governments.
d) raising tobacco.

A person who agreed to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America is called
a) a slave.
b) a Protestant.
c) an indentured servant.
d) a field hand.

This source can be a person with direct knowledge of a situation, or a document created by such a person.
a) Secondary
b) Primary
c) Advanced
d) Elementary

Why were new colonies created?
a) trade, industrial growth and religion
b) religion, new resources, and trade
c) educational opportunities, trade and religion
d) trade, religious freedom and expansion

What did Anne Hutchinson do?
a) She did not take care of her family.
b) She spoke out against the leaders of the Massachusetts colony.
c) She did not follow the spiritual book of her religion.
d) She was tolerant to other religions.

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