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Process utilized to solve problems and answer questions.
a) Scientific Method
b) Experimental testing
c) Scientific process
d) Investigation process

What do people do to come up with questions/problems to solve?
a) Make observations
b) Ask the teacher for a topic.
c) Look in the text book for a topic.
d) Ask a friend.

What is a qualitative observation?
a) Qualitative observations describe characteristics or qualities.
b) Qualitative observations describe how something works.
c) Qualitative observations describe why something works.
d) Qualitative observations describe how many characteristics something has.

What is a quantitative observation?
a) Quantitative observations include a specific number.
b) Quantitative observations describe the location of an object.
c) Quantitative observations used only by scientists.
d) Quantitative observations describe the function of an object.

What is an inference?
a) Inferences explain observations using past knowledge or experiences.
b) Inferences tell how many objects there are.
c) Inferences explain the time of the observation.
d) Inferences are not used by scientists.

Must scientists follow each step of the scientific method in order?
a) No, often scientists have to go back and repeat steps before going onto the next step.
b) Yes, each step of the scientific method must be done in order.
c) No, only the first step can be repeated, all other steps must be done in order.
d) Yes, if the steps of the scientific method are not done in order all findings are invalid.

What are the parts of a hypothesis?
a) The independent variable and the dependent variable.
b) The test and the test subject.
c) The subordinate variable and the test variable.
d) The variable and the test.

What is an independent variable?
a) The independent variable is what is being tested in a hypothesis.
b) The independent variable is the answer.
c) The independent variable is the then in the hypothesis.
d) The independent variable is not part of the hypothesis.

What is a dependent variable?
a) The dependent variable is what changes in an experiment as a result of the independent variable.
b) The dependent variable is being tested in the experiment.
c) The dependent variable and the independent variable are not related.
d) The dependent variable is the cause of the experiment.

What is used to analyze results from experiments?
a) Graphs, calculations and tables organize data so that it can be analyzed.
b) The results must be analyzed by the teacher.
c) Only a computer can analyze results of experiments.
d) Results must be sent to a scientist to be analyzed.

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