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a) after approved to do events solo
b) after doing an event with an experienced volunteer
c) after doing 3 events
d) na

last call
a) 5 days after posting
b) 5 days after coming into foster care
c) 5 days after approved
d) na

posting on blogs
a) right away
b) when avail
c) after spay-neuter
d) na

dogs at events all except
a) owner surrender
b) foster dogs
c) volunteers dogs
d) dogs right from the shelter

matching process, if all else equal
a) family waiting the longest
b) oldest
c) youngest
d) family withkids

a) Jackie
b) sharon
c) dee
d) na

dog eval fee
a) 10
b) 70
c) 35
d) 200

a) mary tennent
b) heather
c) laura
d) peggy

paperwork for finalization
a) adoption agreement
b) na
c) DEQ
d) intro release

paperwork for intro
a) owner surrender release
b) na
c) Vet certification form
d) Adoptive agreement

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