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Aggressive: Where are you going?
a) Where
b) going
c) you
d) are

Questioning; Where are you going?
a) Where
b) going
c) you
d) are

Positive; One day you will make it.
a) One
b) will
c) make
d) day

Sarcastic; You look so nice
a) you
b) nice
c) so
d) look

Argumentative; Not like that, like this!
a) like
b) this
c) that
d) not

Unsure; Do you want my help?
a) Do
b) help
c) want
d) you

Really thankful; Thanks so much for your help.
a) so much
b) thanks
c) help
d) your

Sad; I don't think I will ever get there.
a) don't
b) think
c) ever
d) get

Frustration; When will I be finished?
a) When
b) will
c) I
d) finished

Maccy D Style; Have a nice Day!
a) Have
b) a
c) nice
d) Day

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