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Review Alfred Wegener's Theory Of Continental Drift.

Alfred Wegener called the supercontinent
a) Wegenerland
b) Pangaea
c) Eurasia
d) All lands

Most geologists rejected Alfred Wegener’s idea of continental drift because
a) they were afraid of a new idea.
b) Wegener could not identify a force that could move the continents.
c) Wegener used several different types of evidence to support his hypothesis.
d) Wegener was interested in what Earth was like millions of years ago.

Which of the following was not used by Wegener as evidence of continental drift?
a) Fossils that were found on different continents.
b) Magnetic reversals on the seafloor.
c) The fit of the continents.
d) Evidence of glacial scratches continents found near the equator.

The slow movement of land over the earth's surface called?
a) Continental Wandering
b) Subduction
c) Continental Drift
d) Sea-floor spreading

Evidence that supports the theory of continental drift has been provided by
a) coal fields
b) all of these
c) fossils
d) glacial deposits

Continental crust is
a) denser oceanic crust
b) less dense than oceanic crust
c) thinner than oceanic crust
d) floats on top of the oceanic crust

Ocean crust is made up mainly of
a) basalt
b) molten material
c) iron
d) granite

How does the Mesosaurus fossil evidence support the continental drift theory?
a) because it's unlikely that the Mesosaurus existed on both continents.
b) because it's unlikely that the Mesosaurus could swim between continents
c) because the Mesosaurus lived millions of years ago, when scientists believe the continents began to
d) The Mesosaurus fossil evidence does not support the continental drift theory. It proves it wrong.

Who first proposed the theory of continental drift?
a) Galileo Galilee
b) Harry Hess
c) Alfred Wegener
d) Albert Einstein

What evidence proved that South America, Africa, India, and Australia were once covered by glaciers?
a) leftover portions of glaciers
b) glacial deposits and rock surfaces scarred by glaciers
c) cold climates
d) enormous valleys formed by glaciers

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