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Continental crust beneath mountains can be up to ___ kilometers thick
a) 5
b) 40
c) 65
d) 100

How thick is the oceanic crust?
a) 5 km
b) 40km
c) 65 km
d) 100 km

The partially molten layer beneath the lithosphere is called the ______.
a) crust
b) asthenosphere
c) mesosphere
d) outer core

Which of the following statements about the Earth's core is true?
a) The inner core and the outer core are both liquid.
b) The inner core and the outer core are both solid.
c) The inner core is liquid and the outer core is solid.
d) The inner core is solid and the outer core is liquid.

What element makes up most of the Earth's core?
a) silicates
b) oxygen
c) iron
d) hydrogen

Heat is transfered in the mantle mainly by
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Radiation

Which of the following statements is true about continental crust
a) It is thicker and less dense than oceanic crust.
b) It is up to 100km thick.
c) It can be found beneath the ocean.
d) The most common type of rock is basalt

Scientists know about earth's interior mainly because
a) They have studied the rock on the surface
b) They have drilled down into the core
c) They have studied seismic activity from earthquakes
d) They have studied the ocean floor

The Earth has its own magnetic field thanks to the:
a) Crust
b) Asthenoshpere
c) Mesosphere
d) Core

The lithoshere includes the crust and top portion of the
a) mantle
b) mesosphere
c) outer core
d) inner core

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