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How many Design Principles are there in business publications?
a) 7
b) 6
c) 5
d) 4

This is used to demonstrate a relationship or lack of a relationship between elements. Ex: You must put captions (text) next to the related photograph.
a) Proximity/Unity
b) balance
c) contrast
d) alignment

This is the Justification of the elements.
a) balance
b) font
c) alignment
d) contrast

A planned combination of elements such as a combination of font styles & sizes.
a) combination
b) relationship
c) style
d) scheme

An example of this is using black font on a light pink colored page.
a) contrast
b) relationship
c) repetition
d) consistency

The blank or negative space on a page.
a) blank space
b) whole space
c) white space
d) no space

A one-page document used by a business or individual to advertise or provide information about a one-time upcoming event.
a) flyer
b) letter
c) brochure
d) card

Used to provide information, educate, or advertise a specific topic or product.
a) letter
b) brochure
c) invitation
d) business card

A publication created by a business or individual that is distributed on a regular basis---weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
a) flyer
b) brochure
c) letter
d) newsletter

After you determine the purpose of the presentation method, this would be the next step.
a) Determine the purpose
b) Storyboard the content
c) Determine or Identify the Target Audience
d) Do research

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