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Which detail best shows that the story is a legend?
a) The story has been passed down and retold over many years.
b) The main characters are part of a family.
c) The characters speak another language and wear colorful
d) The story takes place in a village in northern China.

Mulan was sorrowful. Sorrowful means...
a) very sad.
b) works alone.
c) is full of pride.
d) is sorry for a mistake.

The author used the words, Click-clack! Click-clack! to-
a) make the sound of the loom.
b) make the sound of villagers walking.
c) show that weaving is a difficult job.
d) show how fast Mulan weaves.

Which event led to solving Mulan’s problem?
a) She dressed as a soldier.
b) She bought a horse.
c) She became a general.
d) She was given gifts of gold.

Someone who is frail is-
a) weak.
b) afraid.
c) upset.
d) wise.

The river is crying, because-
a) Mulan feels homesick.
b) the army is losing.
c) the river knows that Mulan is a girl.
d) the soldiers must travel up the river.

Mulan’s decision to fight best shows that she was-
a) brave.
b) clever.
c) cruel.
d) strong.

Mulan’s purpose for fighting in the battle was to-
a) save her father.
b) win many rewards.
c) be honored by the people.
d) show the Emperor that girls can fight.

The soldiers were astonished because-
a) they discovered that Mulan is a woman.
b) they won the war after ten years of fighting.
c) Mulan told them the story of the rabbits.
d) the village gave a party for Mulan.

The people sang songs about Mulan because-
a) they respected Mulan’s courage.
b) they were excited that she was rich.
c) they admired Mulan’s talent for weaving.
d) they were happy that they won the battle.

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