Abandoned Mine Hazards Question Preview (ID: 720)

Reviews Hazards Associated With Abandoned Mines. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What pH value would be closest to acid mine drainage?
a) 4.5
b) 7.0
c) 9.0
d) 12.0

What is the highwall?
a) vertical face remaining after an area is surface mined
b) sediment piles that get carried to a stream
c) dam used to contain acid mine drainage
d) pile of overburden wastes

What often happens to solid mine wastes that are carried off by runoff?
a) clog streams and rivers
b) are taken up by vegetation
c) are retained within waste impoundments
d) seep down into the soil

What is a gob pile?
a) waste removed from underground (subsurface) mine
b) pond of acid mine drainage
c) soil that clogs a stream
d) collection of ore rock waiting for processing

What is a mine portal?
a) entrance to a drift mine or other mine tunnel
b) place where ore is stored for later use
c) place where hazardous equipment is kept
d) place where acid mine drainage is stored

Why are mine portals dangerous if left abandoned?
a) people, especially children, might be tempted to explore inside
b) it contains high amounts of toxic waste
c) it is where hazardous machines are stored
d) they collect large amounts of acid mine drainage

Which of the following is an example of subsidence?
a) caving in of the ground over an abandoned coal mine
b) leaking of acid mine drainage to a nearby stream
c) flow of groundwater into a mine
d) opening of a mine portal

How should a vertical shaft be treated after a mine is abandoned?
a) covered or barricaded
b) left open
c) filled with water
d) have trees planted around it

In what type of mine would a underground fire be most likely?
a) subsurface coal mine
b) sand quarry
c) open-pit copper mine
d) diamond shaft mine

What are hazardous water bodies at an abandoned mine site usually associated with?
a) dangerous highwalls
b) explosives
c) large waste piles
d) hazardous equipment and machinery

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