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Which part of the map do you need to use to find out how many miles lie between Lake Zumpango and the center of Mexico City
a) the compass rose
b) the scale bar
c) the title
d) the key

Earth makes one complete rotation on its axis every
a) month.
b) two weeks.
c) year.
d) day.

All maps include some distoration or
a) a loss of color.
b) a loss of shape.
c) a loss of distance.
d) a loss of accuracy.

The most accurate way to show Earth\\\\\\\'s continents and bodies of water is with a
a) Mercator projection.
b) conformal map.
c) globe.
d) Robinson projection.

In summer, a region near an ocean or lake is usually
a) warmer than an inland area at the same latitude.
b) cooler than an inland area at the same latitude.
c) exactly the same temperature as an inland area at the same latitude.
d) nearly the same temperature as an inland area at the same latitude.

Which of the following lists the themes used to organize information about Earth and its people?
a) location, animal-plant interaction, movement, position, regions
b) location, movement, regions, place, human-environment interaction
c) animal-plant interaction, place, regions, movement, location
d) movement, regions, position, human-environment interaction, place

Above Earth\\\\\\\'s surface is the atmosphere, a
a) thin layer of rocks and minerals
b) thick layer of gases
c) hot rocky layer
d) cold icy layer

The illustration shows the movement of Earth around the sun. What is the season in the Northern Hemisphere when the sun\\\\\\\'s direct rays are over the Tropic of Cancer.
a) summer
b) spring
c) fall
d) winter

When the Northern Hemisphere is titled away from the sun, the Southern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun. This explains why the Northern Hemisphere has winter while the Southern
a) has summer.
b) has spring.
c) has fall.
d) has winter.

According to the global grid, on what continent would you find the address 40degress N , 100 degress E?
a) Europe
b) Asia
c) Africa
d) Australia

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