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How old was Amelia when she wrote her first novel?
a) 12
b) 13
c) 14
d) 15

How does Amelia start?
a) with a lot of characters
b) with a major character
c) with a minor character
d) with no characters

What is the meaning of the word scanty?
a) not enough
b) too much
c) not scary
d) too scary

Where is Amelia's writing space?
a) at the library
b) at her school
c) in her office
d) in her room

Does Amelia think that reading helps writing?
a) no
b) a little
c) sometimes
d) definitely

Which word best describes Amelia?
a) anxious
b) creative
c) daring
d) hesitant

When Amelia saw her first book in print, she was
a) amazed
b) critical
c) confused
d) inspired

Which sentence supports the idea that reading helps writing?
a) The first time I saw my book in print I could barely believe it.
b) Writing is oneof those things that you will make time for if you want to do it.
c) I also do writing and character sketches in notebooks.
d) When you read, you get used to visualizing things in print.

Which advice would Amelia most likely give someone?
a) If you want to write, there is no excuse for not writing.
b) It is easier to start writing when you are young.
c) The best time to write is before you go to bed.
d) If you want to be a writer, you should not watch television.

This interview would be most valuable to someone who?
a) likes to read about history
b) has recently published a novel
c) is interested in becoming a writer
d) wants to know how to be come famous

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