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Which of the following statements best explains the relationship between climate and vegetation?
a) Climate depends mainly on vegetation.
b) Climate depends only on vegetation.
c) Vegetation depends mainly on climate.
d) Vegetation depends only on climate.

Which of the following BEST completes this sentence? The Rocky Mountains, the Interior Plains, the Nile Valley, and the Coastal Lowlands have unifying characteristics such as
a) rural locations.
b) the Prime Merdian.
c) the American Southwest.
d) regions.

For whom are geographic information systems useful?
a) geographers, governments, businesses, and mapmakers
b) geographers and mapmakers
c) businesses only.
d) mapmakers only

What does a geographer determine with a compass?
a) cardinal directions
b) projection
c) distance
d) absolute location

When geographers examine the human physical features at a specific location, they are studying
a) movement
b) space
c) place
d) human-environment interaction

In one place, it is hot and sunny one day, and cold and cloudy the next day. The people in that place experienced a change in
a) climate
b) longitude
c) weather
d) precipitation.

What kinds of plants grow in the ice pack and pack ice vegetation regions?
a) grasses and mosses
b) low shrubs and grasses
c) deciduous trees
d) none

What is the absolute location?
a) Absolute location indicates where a place is by describing the places near it.
b) Absolute location describes the north-south circles around the globe.
c) Absolute location indicates where a place is by using degrees of latitude and longitude.
d) Absolute location indicates the absolute degree by identifying its meridian.

Mountains, plateaus, and plains are types of
a) plate tectonics.
b) landforms.
c) magma.
d) ridges.

The sphere of very hot metal at the center of Earth is called the
a) crusts
b) interior mass
c) mantle
d) core

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