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What is the civilazation that arose on the Nile River about 5,000 years ago?
a) South Africa
b) Nigeria
c) Egypt
d) Senegal

Islam was spread from Mali into many other parts of Africa by
a) British soldiers.
b) Muslim traders and Mansa Musa.
c) farmers.
d) Portuguese sailors.

Experts try to trace the patterns of Bantu migrations by studying
a) maps and history books.
b) writings that were left by the Bantu.
c) cultural clues and modern African languages.
d) trails and roadways they followed.

One important effect of trade on the culture of coastal East Africa was the development of
a) Buddhism.
b) Christianity.
c) farming.
d) Swahili.

By the 1600's, Portuguese traders were trading
a) gold and salt.
b) guns and enslaved Africans.
c) clothing for African crops.
d) salt for guns

How did WWII affect European colonial powers like Great Britain
a) It weakened them economically.
b) It strengthened them economically.
c) It expanded their colonial holdings in Africa.
d) It encouraged them to seek new colonies.

In order to protest colonial, Africans would sometimes___________, or refuse to use a product or service.
a) literacy
b) migrate
c) colonize
d) boycott

In order to meet the challenges faced by their countries, African governments are working to increase the
a) rate of land erosion.
b) literacy rate.
c) sale of one food export.
d) rate of foreign debt.

Pan Africanism probably helped African countries gain their independence because
a) sports unite people.
b) of a gold rush.
c) it stressed unity and cooperation among all Africans.
d) none of the above.

One way African leaders are helping to grow more food for their growing population is
a) to give out more food stamps.
b) increasing literacy.
c) migrating.
d) the governments are helping farmers develop hybrid plants.

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